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How to timestamp your CreaBOOK?

The Simple Method:
Several providers offer the option to obtain a digital timestamp for files at no cost, and one such platform is Truetimestamp.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using Truetimestamp:

  1. Open the website and navigate to the ‘Create Timestamp – Simple method’ section.
  2. Select the PDF file containing your CreaBOOK.
  3. Click on the ‘Timestamp’ button.
  4. Afterward, download the .txt file containing the proof of your timestamp as generated by the timestamping software. Make sure to keep this file securely stored.

Timestamp Your CreaBOOK and Its Annexes:
For additional authenticity, it’s recommended to timestamp not only your CreaBOOK but also each of its annexes separately. You can even group all your documents and their respective keys into a single directory on your computer named after your CreaBOOK. Inside this directory, create three subdirectories: ‘Proof Annexes,’ ‘Descriptive Annexes,’ and ‘Legal Annexes,’ allowing you to categorize your files accordingly. Finally, compress the entire directory into a Zip file and proceed to timestamp it on the Truetimestamp platform.

Remark: Congratulations on successfully creating your very first CreaBOOK and providing substantial evidence to support your ownership. This accomplishment is truly commendable, and now you can take pride in your creation and confidently share it with others.
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