Your CreaBOOK, step by step

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6. Signing

At the conclusion of your declaration, the following statement has been added:

“I hereby declare that the information contained in this book is genuine and accurate. I pledge to rectify any errors that come to my attention at a later date.”

Explanation: This book is intended for publication, but it is not a work of fiction or a novel. Instead, it is a declaration of ownership supported by factual evidence and your sincerity. However, it is essential to acknowledge that mistakes can occur, and you commit to correcting them if they are found.

Why sign your CreaBOOK? Just like a painter certifies the authenticity of their creative work with a signature, your signature at the bottom of this ownership declaration serves the same purpose and holds equal importance. Without such a self-certification from the author, the value of the CreaBOOK will be significantly diminished.

How to sign your CreaBOOK? You have two options: you can either scan your hand-written signature or produce an electronic signature. The latter is strongly recommended, and we encourage you to explore the following websites for electronic signature options:

Remark: Congratulations! You have described and self-certified the five key elements of your CreaBOOK. Now, you will learn how to add the annexes that will provide documentary evidence for your declarations.