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CreaFREE is the new ecosystem which implements the Universal Standard for Intellectual Property (USIP).
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Science without conscience will ruin humanity warned François Rabelais.
The bad use of progress of science and technology is indeed the cause of present world misfortunes.
Thanks to its high creative potential, humanity has the means to tackle present challenges.
Imagination, science & technology can bring solutions.
Green startups and unicorns are the great hope of the 21st century.

The mission of the CreaFREE Ecosystem is to implement the USIP Standard
 which supports free creators to develop responsible solutions.

To download the Universal Standard of Intellectual Property, click on the following button:
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WcS is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2013 in Mulhouse (France) by Alain Souloumiac, to elaborate and implement the USIP standard.

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The IcF company is the holding which provides support and financing to the CreaFREE ecosystem.

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The administration of each specialized creative sector is sub-licensed to a Creapole located in a location around the world chosen for its competence – usually by way of a call for tenders. On the front line, these Creapoles are companies representing stakeholders of each sector of creation (environment, education, sport, music, games, software, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.). They administer exhibition, grand prize for creation, academy, research and training center, arbitration, etc.

The Mutual insurance for Creations (CreaSURE) is originally a company which guarantees the certificates delivered by WcS. It is financed by a contribution set on the revenue of the startups which have succeeded a certification exam. In the near future …


The Universal Standard for Intellectual Property (USIP) is a standard edited and published by WcS to implement article 15-1-c of the International covenant of economic rights.

Composed of 31 titles and 113 articles, it defines the principles, the organization, the actors, the funding, the process, the tools and the ethical economy of universal intellectual property.

The CreaBOOK is a book written by the creator to describe, claim and promote his authorship on the creation. It may unconditionally be time-stamped, registered, and published on the single world creation register. After the public inquest led next all Internet users, the conformity, economic value and originality of the CreaBOOK may be certified by WcS or by the competent CreaPOLE.

The CreaTHALER is a Non-Fungible Token used to materialize ownership of the CreaBOOK. It can be pledged, sold, or rented in whole or in part. In the CreaFREE Ecosystem, it guarantees the return on investment of the various stakeholders: co-founders, investors, lenders, and public authorities.

The CreaCORN defines a standard which aims at facilitating and financing the assistance provided by incubators for the benefit of startups. The CreaCORN enables incubators to guide, track, measure and protect startup innovations at every stage of their progress on the unicorn road, while ensuring their participation in the Creafree Ecosystem’s mission to continually improve the ecological balance of the world.

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In the event of a dispute concerning a CreaBOOK, good faith parties complete a joint amicable report and try to reach an agreement on this basis, either because of an earlier contractual commitment or on their free will. If this approach does not lead to a solution, one of the parties may request a mediator to suggest a solution. In the absence of agreement, the party who considers aggrieved may request a final arbitration. In the absence of a previous commitment or acceptance of the friendly procedure by the second party, conciliation, mediation, and arbitration are conducted by default. Its results prepare the introduction of the legal proceedings.

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Discover our comprehensive protection method and our Unicorn road Map (UrM) to lead  Creators on the path to unicorns.


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Alain Souloumiac
Creator of CreaFREE Standard


To create the Universal standard for intellectual property, Alain Souloumiac used his triple experience of legislative advisor specialized in standard, startup manager, and specialist in intellectual property. 

Legislative adviser, he contributed to the enlargement of the European Union, when he was appointed as Lead Expert to define and apply a methodology for transposing directives and standards into the national legislation of 10 future members (1993-2006).

Startup manager

Startup manager of Dirlab, he developed between 2008 and 2013 two new software programs: Computer-assisted Transposition (CaT), which helped multiple countries harmonize their national legislation with international treaties and standards, and the Mutual evaluation Module (MeM) to share best regulations & control climate change.

Creator of the revolutionary intellectual property standard

He dedicated almost 10 years of his life to develop the CreaFREE Standard . This revolutionary standard implements international treaties to create a universal intellectual property, free for all creators and concerning any creation.

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