New approach for intellectual property

Creabook provides the means to protect your creative ideas
at highly competitive costs
and to gradually acquire a sovereign property declaration

Use the Creabook to protect your creation


Most startups want to start developing immediately, 

gather a team and launch their innovation on the market

They don’t have the time to wait three years for the approval of a Patent, 

they don’t have the money either to pay for internationally extended patents and trademarks


1. They can immediately timestamp a Creabook to obtain

an author right protection on the design, naming and standard of their disruptive innovation

2. They may include in their Creabook encrypted annexes

describing the invention which they can patent at a later time

3. They will also be able to register the protection of their Creabook

and certify the conformity, the value and the originality of their creation

Our passion is to implement the creators' rights.

To drastically reduce startups failure, we designed the Creafree Standard.
It implements the essential rights recognized to all creators by international treaties.
Proving their effective ownership of their creative ideas,
creators can offer attractive returns and get the needed funds from investors
to develop their disruptive innovations, become unicorns and answer World present needs.
Alain Souloumiac


Document your creation

Accumulate evidence of your authorship download the manual template from this website draft your property declaration and timestamp your first Creabook.


Publish your Creabook

Publish your Creabook on the  Single creation Register receive the positive comments and critics from all world creators succeed in the three certification exams (conformity, financial value and originality) and obtain a sovereign intellectual property declaration.


Counsellor’s assistance​

Request Counsellor’s assistance to improve your Creabook materialize your property in a Non-Fungible Token and obtain Creashare and Creabond finance.


Promote the ethical exploitation of your creation

Use your moral author’s right to assure the good exploitation of your creation  annex your Ethical exploitation Charter to the licenses concluded with your partners → promote a better world.

All creators, all equals

Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the right to every human being to own the produce of their scientific, artistic and literary works.

Creabooks are for All Creators

The legal value of the books of creation (Creabook) is enforced by the jurisdictions of all the countries who have signed the Bern’s Convention.
Creafree Ecosystem offers all creators multiple services including timestamping, creators’ cooperation, creation counselors, experts in certification, creaguards, mortgage
and amicable resolution to solve all disputes related to Creabooks contracts.

Creabooks are for All Creations

Creabooks are designed to equally protect the property of all their authors. Whatever the field in which they operate: science, art of literature, software, standard, design, creators all equally benefit of at least 50 years mandatory protection in all the States of law which have signed the United Nations Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights entered into force on 3 January 1976 (article 15-1-c).

Frequently Asked Questions

A Creabook is a book written by the creator to describe, claim and prove the origin of his creation.

Creations must be protected so that startups may finance their research and development to produce, market and continuously improve their disruptive innovations which today’s world needs.

The Creabook is protected by the Bern’s Convention which allows any victim of an infringement to prosecute the counterfeiters. WcS and Creapoles support all of the sovereign intellectual property titles whose validity are contested in Court.

Copyright is a right protecting a creative work registered next to a national office of copyrights by an author or a company. Claiming the novelty of an industrial invention, patents are monopolies granted by a national office to a company or to an independent inventor. Creabooks are property titles published by the author to claim his right on any of his creative works.

A Sovereign property declaration is a Creabook whose conformity, financial and originality has been certified by a jury composed of the best world specialists after a written and oral exam.

A Creabook can be continuously revised and updated according to the improvement brought to the creation by its right holders or through licenses agreed with other creators.

The Creafree Standard is the Universal standard for intellectual property (USIP) adopted by WcS to implement the essential rights recognized to the creators by the related International treaties.

The World creators Society is a non governmental organization composed of creators who administer the implementation of the USIP.

The Creapoles are World cities selected to help WcS administer and promote the creations belonging to a specific economic sector.

The experts who certify the Creabooks are either accredited IP counsellors or World specialists accredited to conduct the examination defined in the USIP.

Yes, creative valleys may provide their support to startups which guarantee the local exploitation of the creations derived from their pledged Creabooks.

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