Inspired on the car accident joint report, the CreaPAX procedure offers numerous benefits for startups to solve intellectual property disputes.

Advantages of CreaPAX:

Speed & Efficiency

  • Resolve disputes in less than 12 months.
  • Prevent troubles resulting from long intellectual property disputes.
  • Prioritize good faith, peace, and common interest.
  • Preserve and develop positive business relations.

Professional expertise

  • Professional experts.
  • Fair and balanced agreements.
  • Based on knowledge, facts and common interest.
  • Reasonable costs.

How can I effectively protect my creation with CreaPAX?


Everything starts with a CreaBOOK...

You did write a CreaBOOK proving your authorship*, you suspect an infringer to violate whole or part of its protected content.

* If not click HERE to draft your CreaBOOK and safeguard your creation.

Contact the infringer to propose attractive conditions for an amicable arrangement

Fill the Amicable Arrangement Proposal & send it to the infringer.

1st Option:

Positive response

Step 1

The infringer answers positively either because he is bound by an arbitration clause from:

  • a CreaFREE non-disclosure agreement previously signed with you;
  • the CreaFREE license that he has signed to access the Internet Platform. 

Or because of his interest:

  • to benefit of the attractive conditions that you propose in the arrangement;
  • to escape the risk that his refusal will be later considered as bad faith sign in a legal procedure.

You sign a conciliation agreement together.

Step 2


The infringer disagrees with the facts or conditions described for a conciliation.

He or you may ask WcS to appoint a mediator.

If you do not agree on the mediator’s proposal,

he or you may ask WcS to appoint an arbitral tribunal. 

The decision rendered by this tribunal is mandatory.


Your rights are considered.
A positive decision is reached in less than a year.

2nd Option:

Non-Amicable Solution

The infringer has not signed an arbitration clause.

He refuses the facts and does not respond positively
to the amicable proposal.

Step 1

Unilateral expertise

Follow the unilateral mediation/arbitration procedure.

Offer at each step the infringer to join the expertise.

Build a strong case for a legal procedure.

Step 2

Court case

The unilateral procedure has been completed.

Introduce a regular lawsuit.


Thanks to CreaPAX,

your case in court is strengthened because

  • you already have an expert file resulting from the unilateral procedure
  • the good faith of your opponent can be questioned before the judge.

As a result, the lawsuit will probably be much shorter.

The costs will be lower.

Your chances of winning will be maximized.

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An exclusive method to guide creators and startups step by step to the success they deserve!
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