International creations Fund (IcF)

What is IcF?

IcF is the holding Company established to support and fund the CreaFREE ecosystem.
Modeled after the Edison General Electric, it owns CreaBOOKS related to CreaFREE (CreaFREE standard, CreaCORN, CreaPAX, CreaSURE). It licenses operational subsidies: the NGO that manages the CreaFREE Platform, the incubators that raise startups in each creative sector, the CreaPOLES that manages the CreaFREE sectoral ecosystem, and the creaSURE company that deals with mutual creations insurance. 

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Let's explore together the various stages of IcF's development.


Reference to standard policy (French Government, EU & WTO)
Universal standard for computer keyboards (Afnor and ISO)
Quintel SA startup (1984-2000)
First expert of PRAQ (Programme régional d’assurance qualité of the EU enlargement)
Intellectual property counsellor of The President of European Inventor Association (AEI)
Advisor of more than 100 European startups

Draft of Universal Standard for Intellectual Property
Foundation of WcS (World creators Society)
Market study on the CreaFREE potential
Consultation of main stakeholders 
Drafting of CreaBOOK V1 and registration



Evolution of IcF value at each development stage from ideation to expansion
Recruit and manage team with CreaTHALER payment system
letters of mission and attached TOR sent to co-founders

IcF business plan
Development of management software
First version of CreaMAKER
Implementation of CreaBOOK flagship
Update of the CreaBOOK V2 and conformity certification



Creashares B contributions’ payment system
Call for seeding funds
Enlargement of IcF team

Development of CreaFREE Platform
Beta-test for CreaBOOKs
Treaty on free access to intellectual property
License and training of selected incubators (CreaCORN)
CreaPAX system for amicable dispute resolution
Update of the CreaBOOK V3 and value certification



Call for scaling funds
Recruitment and training of WcS, CreaPOLES and CreaSURE teams

Further development of CreaFREE Platform
Improvement of CreaMAKER, CreaPOLEs and CreaPAX
Event promotion of originality certifications
Adoption of Universal Intellectual Property Treaty
Development of CreaSURE finance
Update of the CreaBOOK V4 and originality certification 



Call for expansion funds
Further recruitment and training of WcS, CreaPOLES and CreaSURE teams

Dissemination of Responsible authenticity Marking (RaM)
Multiplication of CreaPOLEs
Extension of CreaSURE finance
Continuous improvement process 




CEO of IcF



Product Manager

Alessandra Greaceanu



Creations Academy Manager



Communication Manager

Other team members will soon be added

Management of CreaTHALER funding

CreaFREE ecosystem empowers startups by implementing the property rights recognized to creators by the universal treaties. CreaTHALER system offers venture capitalists attractive returns on investment thanks to: 

  • financed backed by the CreaBOOK property,
  • certification guaranteed by the CreaSURE insurance,
  • fast and cost-effective defense implemented by the CreaPAX amicable dispute resolution.

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Authenticate the CreaBOOK

You will review your CreaBOOK, sign it, compile it, and timestamp it.

To do list

  • Review your CreaBOOK and delete the symbols [?] and the parts which are not useful.
  • Click here to read the Guide’s explanations on signing.
  • Click here to learn how to compile your CreaBOOK.
  • Compile your CreaBOOK.
  • Click here to learn about timestamping your CreaBOOK.
  • Proceed with the timestamping process.
  • Save your CreaBOOK and the time-stamping proof in a safe place.

Duration: 25 minutes

Draft the CreaBOOK

You will define the cover, construct your innovation, and insert your eventual annexes.

To do list

  • Read the Guide on the cover page by clicking here.
  • Go back to the form to fill in the cover page.
  • Read the Guide on the construction by clicking here.
  • Return to the form to write this chapter.
  • Read the Guide on annexes by clicking here.
  • Go back to the form to insert any eventual annexes.

Duration: 90 minutes

Download the CreaBOOK form

You will have access to our form on Google Docs.

To do list

  • Click on this link to open the file.
  • To edit this file, click on “File”,  “Create a copy”.

Duration: 1 minute

Consulting an example of CreaBOOK

To get an overview of the Full CreaBOOK, we recommend first to have a quick look on the structure of our example: ‘CreaCORN Standard’, which describes a methodology to help startups unlocking their potential.
The Express Creabook is focussed on the cover, the chapter 3 and the eventual annexes of the Full CreaBOOK.

To do list

  • Please click on the link to access the CreaCORN file:
    [English version][French]
  • Take some time to familiarize yourself with the structure of the CreaBOOK.
  • Once you are done, close this window and  proceed to step 2.

Duration: 5 minutes

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