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More than 40% of Deep Tech Startups
which have raised over $5 million
have patents at their core.

Fast and effective protection against spying, stealing and counterfeiting


You feel unprotected against spying, stealing & counterfeiting.

Delivery of patents & extensions is much too long.

  You feel unsafe because the value of your patent, even granted, is not guaranteed.

 Patents & trademarks are too expensive for you.

You are worried because you do not have the army of lawyers necessary to prosecute infringers.


  Draft a CreaBOOK to universally establish your authorship.

  Collect all relevant evidence.

  Download our CreaMAKER from this website.

  Follow the Guide through drafting your first CreaBOOK.

  Timestamp, register & publish the first draft of this CreaBOOK without delay.

  You may later ask for the assistance of a creation counselor to improve it. 

  The conformity, value, & originality of your CreaBOOK can be certified by World creators Society (WcS).

   The value of the certificate is guaranteed by the mutual insurance of creations. 

  WcS also provides an amicable dispute resolution procedure called CreaPAX.

  It offers fast & efficient conciliation, mediation, and arbitration. 


Creation is the means
by which human beings adapt to their environment.

All human beings are creators. 

Alain Souloumiac


Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes
the right of 
every human being 
to own the product of their scientific, artistic, and literary works.

are for all creators

The legal value of the book of creation (CreaBOOK) is enforced by the jurisdictions of all countries that have signed the Berne Convention.
To implement this Convention for the benefit of all authors, the CreaFREE Ecosystem offers creators multiple services, including timestamping, creator cooperation, creation counselors, certification experts, pledge services, and amicable resolution to resolve any dispute related to CreaBOOKs.

are for any creation

CreaBOOKs are designed to equally protect any creation , regardless of the fields concerned: science, literature, art, software, standard, design, etc. Universal treaties do not make any discrimination between industrial and artistic creators as far as author rights are concerned.  
All creative contents benefit from mandatory protection in all states of rights that have signed the United Nations Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, which entered into force on January 3, 1976 (Article 15-1-c).

Creabook brandishes, new tool of intellectual property

Ethical property serving climate transition

Old system

  1. Progress function is to improve productivity and profit.
  2. Ecological exploitation of patents is not subject to any control.
  3. Environmental degradation increases as technical progress develops.

New system

  1. Only genuine creators may benefit from the full advantages of intellectual property.
  2. Creators are responsible for the exploitation of their innovations.
  3. Certification is reserved for CreaBOOKs which licenses impose continuous ecological improvement.

Our mission

Protect, support, and accompany startups towards success 
while renewing our world through continuous ecological improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

A CreaBOOK is a book written by the creator to prove that he is the genuine author of the described and claimed creation. 

Creations must be protected so that startups can finance their research and development, enabling them to produce, market and continuously improve their disruptive innovations that our world today needs.

Obtaining intellectual property decisions from courts is complex, lengthy, and risky. Infringement lawsuits sometimes last more than a decade.
World creations’ Society (WcS) offers a streamlined process called CreaPAX. In case the alleged infringer refuses to accept the simple and speedy CreaPAX friendly report, his bona fide will be questioned.
The creator will then introduce a law-suit in court. CreaBOOK will be better protected in court by the Berne Convention because it will be supported by the investigations and analysis carried out by the WcS experts during the amicable procedure conducted by default.

Declaration Patents are properties from the top – conceded to individuals by a “sovereign”. CreaBOOKS are properties from the base – rights belonging to free citizens.

A CreaBOOK can be continuously revised and updated according to the improvements brought to the creation by its right-holders or through licenses agreed with other creators.

The Universal standard for intellectual property (USIP) is a standard adopted by WcS to implement the essential rights recognized to creators by the Universal Treaties. 

The World creators Society is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) composed of creators who administer the implementation of the Universal Standard for Intellectual Property (USIP).

The experts who certify the Creabooks are either IP counselors or World specialists accredited to conduct the examination defined in the USIP.
Yes, creative valleys may put a pledge on the creation developed with their support. Such anti-relocation clause can be implemented through this pledge on the CreaBOOKS. By this pledge, the startups guarantee the future return on investment brought by the exploitation of their creations to the creative valley.

The Multiplier 1000 is a creative element which is part of the Red-carpet CreaBOOK designed to help incubators to lead startups on the road to unicorn.
This process uses a metrology to evaluate the progress of the startup on the road to unicorn at each step of the gradual CreaBOOK Improvement (Ideation: CreaBOOK registered one star; Foundation: CreaBOOK certified two stars; Seeding: CreaBOOK certified three stars …).

The Final Multiplier has the value 1 when the startup has reached its goal, i.e. Unicorn Stage. It starts with the standard initial value Mi = 1000 at the end of the Ideation Stage. The intermediary values M at each step P are given by the mathematical formulas (see Red-carpet Process).

Government’s Offices do not consider ethical aspects related to the exploitation of an invention when delivering patents. This explains many of the difficulties which the present world faces today – particularly concerning climate change. WcS registers all CreaBOOKS without any a priori examination. But, according to USIP, WcS only certifies CreaBOOKS which contain an Ethical Charter. Responsible creators are asked to use their moral rights and personal awareness to protect the proper use of their creative works. This Charter promotes rules and measures that all licensees and users should follow to build a better world. They concern safety of human beings, goods, and nature. They include the cornerstone of continuous ecological improvement which consumers are entitled to control. Authentic products and services made with creative elements of the CreaBOOK must be produced, distributed and used according to the Charter of their author.
This image shows an Opened CreaBOOK, the new tool which protect your creations

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Authenticate the CreaBOOK

You will review your CreaBOOK, sign it, compile it, and timestamp it.

To do list

  • Review your CreaBOOK and delete the symbols [?] and the parts which are not useful.
  • Click here to read the Guide’s explanations on signing.
  • Click here to learn how to compile your CreaBOOK.
  • Compile your CreaBOOK.
  • Click here to learn about timestamping your CreaBOOK.
  • Proceed with the timestamping process.
  • Save your CreaBOOK and the time-stamping proof in a safe place.

Duration: 25 minutes

Draft the CreaBOOK

You will define the cover, construct your innovation, and insert your eventual annexes.

To do list

  • Read the Guide on the cover page by clicking here.
  • Go back to the form to fill in the cover page.
  • Read the Guide on the construction by clicking here.
  • Return to the form to write this chapter.
  • Read the Guide on annexes by clicking here.
  • Go back to the form to insert any eventual annexes.

Duration: 90 minutes

Download the CreaBOOK form

You will have access to our form on Google Docs.

To do list

  • Click on this link to open the file.
  • To edit this file, click on “File”,  “Create a copy”.

Duration: 1 minute

Consulting an example of CreaBOOK

To get an overview of the Full CreaBOOK, we recommend first to have a quick look on the structure of our example: ‘CreaCORN Standard’, which describes a methodology to help startups unlocking their potential.
The Express Creabook is focussed on the cover, the chapter 3 and the eventual annexes of the Full CreaBOOK.

To do list

  • Please click on the link to access the CreaCORN file:
    [English version][French]
  • Take some time to familiarize yourself with the structure of the CreaBOOK.
  • Once you are done, close this window and  proceed to step 2.

Duration: 5 minutes

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