Our Vision

The major tool of the “Universal standard for intellectual property” is the Creabook.
It is designed to establish a proof of property
which may be constantly improved as the creation develops.

Creabook offers a comprehensive protection that goes beyond copyrights and patents.
It re-composes the elements of industrial property
which are currently split into trademarks, models, and patents.
The basic Creabook unites five different claims
to build a simple, clear, and strong property:
the naming, design, standard, financial value and ethical charter of a creation.

Creabook Standard implements the right to the author(s) by universal treaties on human rights; it is not a privilege of monopoly granted by the State like for the patents. The fact that a painting, a book, a music, software or a patent wears one or several names, even confirmed by a Non-Fungible Token, does not prove who the true author is. The essential object of the Creafree System is to authenticate who the real author of a creation is through written evidence and third party certification. The Sovereign property declaration must establish the origin of the creative fact in a scientific and incontrovertible manner.

Meet Our Team

Alain Souloumiac, Picture. Fonder.
Alain Souloumiac
Director of World creators Society (WcS), legislative expert of the European Union
Michael Albaladejo
Quality engineer, president of the Alsace Quality Movement (MFQA) and director of a startup incubator called Together’up
Dick van Gelder
Secretary General of WcS and former founder and CEO of international management booking agency for club DJ's and former organizer of European Dance contests. Co founder and manager of Art2Art, movie and video productions. Board member and partner of CIAH, Chinese luxury real estate planning in Penglai, Shandong
Amin Idris
Project and marketing manager, co-author of the International creation Fund business plan
Danielle Kahn
Chartered accountant with 25 years of experience in merger acquisition, administrative and financial direction of industrial and commercial groups
Gilbert Mounier
President of SoFGRES (Society for Risk Management of Healthcare Institutions)
Laurence Souloumiac Van Gulik-Shui
Former head of the international promotion of education transfer at Sciences Po, currently consultant in the scaling of organizations
Philippe Urban
15 years’ experience as Project Manager. Specialist in Web/Mobile development and certification
Gérard de Villeroché
President of the Startup Guidetronic, origin of the creation of the so-called GPS automotive navigators

Other team members will be added soon

Authenticate the CreaBOOK

You will review your CreaBOOK, sign it, compile it, and timestamp it.

To do list

  • Review your CreaBOOK and delete the symbols [?] and the parts which are not useful.
  • Click here to read the Guide’s explanations on signing.
  • Click here to learn how to compile your CreaBOOK.
  • Compile your CreaBOOK.
  • Click here to learn about timestamping your CreaBOOK.
  • Proceed with the timestamping process.
  • Save your CreaBOOK and the time-stamping proof in a safe place.

Duration: 25 minutes

Draft the CreaBOOK

You will define the cover, construct your innovation, and insert your eventual annexes.

To do list

  • Read the Guide on the cover page by clicking here.
  • Go back to the form to fill in the cover page.
  • Read the Guide on the construction by clicking here.
  • Return to the form to write this chapter.
  • Read the Guide on annexes by clicking here.
  • Go back to the form to insert any eventual annexes.

Duration: 90 minutes

Download the CreaBOOK form

You will have access to our form on Google Docs.

To do list

  • Click on this link to open the file.
  • To edit this file, click on “File”,  “Create a copy”.

Duration: 1 minute

Consulting an example of CreaBOOK

To get an overview of the Full CreaBOOK, we recommend first to have a quick look on the structure of our example: ‘CreaCORN Standard’, which describes a methodology to help startups unlocking their potential.
The Express Creabook is focussed on the cover, the chapter 3 and the eventual annexes of the Full CreaBOOK.

To do list

  • Please click on the link to access the CreaCORN file:
    [English version][French]
  • Take some time to familiarize yourself with the structure of the CreaBOOK.
  • Once you are done, close this window and  proceed to step 2.

Duration: 5 minutes

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