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    The times must change

    Present technical trends are not favorable to the Planet Earth; nor to humanity or other living species. Times must change.

    This mainly depends on creativity. Blue Led reduces drastically energy consumption. Its creator, Shuji Nakamuri who finally received a Nobel Prize, met very severe difficulties to develop his creation because the leaders of the company he worked for refused his concept and research (see Annex 1).

    Thousands of creations having similar effects are needed. According to studies made, the creative potential of humanity is enormous: 90% of the 7 billion human beings, whatever their social rank, are potential creators. Edmond Albius was a 12 years old slave when he discovered the process of pollination of vanilla that made the wealth of the Ile de la Réunion (annexe 2).

    But real progress is difficult because many creations contradict the interests of the establishment that today governs the World. Big companies tend to maintain and develop the production it has been built for. They do not favor renewal which they consider destructive for them.

    As Jack Fresco said : “Will we have the ability, willingness and intelligence to think and implement changes to our overall profit? or will we simply wait catastrophic events to lead our future ?” This is the challenge of Creafree.

    The aim of Creafree is to make possible what today is not: Allow most of other interests to get out of the box. When the Creator will be able prove the ownership of his creation and label its potential, he attracts the necessary funding for its development.

    Present system makes it very difficult for the creator to demonstrate and enforce his property right. This is what Creafree intends to change.

    Empower Creators

    International treaties recognize intellectual property. Article 27 of the 1948 Universal Declaration states: “Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author” (see Annex 3).

    Most of the states have ratified the international pacts derived from this Declaration and guarantee to the author a lifetime ownership on their original works, plus to their heirs a duration of at least fifty years after their death. In a recent affair opposing Oracle against Google, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has underlined the importance of author rights concerning software developments.

    Many Creators, especially developers and startup meet difficulties in expressing, proving and valuing their international property. Because of this, lacking the support of big companies, they are unable to attract the funding to develop their creation. More than 90% of the startups fail to bring their products on the market.

    This is the reason why Creafree has defined a Standard to implement the essential requirements of the international treaties. Using this Standard, creators are offered the means to build a strong international property assuring the necessary guarantee which finance needs.

    The implementation of Creafree Standard requires a high quality Internet Platform to register, publish, label and promote the original works of the Creators. The quality of this Platform and its success will depend on the team that will develop, continuously improve and promote the Platform.

    Toward Ethical Growth

    In 2013, the world market of creation was considerable. Every year, over 1,5 trillion dollars are spent for Research and Development (R&D). According to the experts, this figure is much below needs. The new mechanisms introduced by Creafree will contribute to multiply the number of creations and to raise the share of private funding of R&D – essentially because of the higher return on investment of startups and venture capital brought by the long lasting international property of creations.

    Everyone may be empowered with the means to create. For this reason the cost of registering and publishing a Creabook must be very low – under $50. After an initial deposit protecting his initial rights, the quality of the property title will grow with the support of first class advisers, lawyers, marketers and engineers. The initial protection will provide the necessary counterpart for the creator to get the necessary finance needed for the Research and Development that will lead the Creation to the market.

    We have entered in the era of creators. World market brings economies of scale. Most nations are now aware that competiveness depends on creators and creations. Developing and improving creations needs time and money. Property brings time. Internet allows traceability and reduces counterfeit products (annexe 5).

    According to the experts, 60% of the products that will be sold on the market in 2030 do not exist today. Most of these products will be original creations. Using its most elaborate process, called Total Authenticity Marking, Creafree expects to cover an important part of these new products which represent a potential of 60 trillion dollars.

    Creafree wishes to receive and protect all creations but to only support ethical products and services that meet the essential requirements of ethical development that this Charter proclaim. Creafree will not support creations that are used to:
    * * * * kill human beings;
    * * * * destroy the environment.

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