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    • Creabooks
      Hi! A book about examples of Creabooks is available on the Amazon network. The title of this book is:  "How to establish your creation and meet the world challenges". All Creabooks may be registered at World creators Society. Only Creabooks meeting the formal requirements of the Creafree Standard may be labeled as conforming.  These formal requirements concern: 1/ the structure of the book 2/ the evidence which are annexed 3/ answers to the public inquiry. Creabooks considerably vary according to the creative sector. A typical Creabook contains four creative elements: the name, the mark, the component and the architecture.  These typical chapters are not part of the Creafree Standard requirements. A Creabook containing only one creative element may be labeled as conforming. The present forum opens a debate on how to elaborate your Creabook.
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    • 5 months ago


    • Finance startups and creations
      Hi ! One of the most difficult things for startups is to find ways financing development and marketing.  If you want to buy a house or a flat, you will quite easily find finance. For startups, it is much more difficult. Especially when the creation is disruptive. Creafree Standard is designed to help startups finding efficient solutions to this problem. When you are the author of a Creabook. When this Creabook as been registered on a Single creations Register. When it has been labeled as conforming to the Standard. When its economic value has also been labeled. When its originality has been labeled by a grand jury composed of World highest experts. It becomes much easier to find credit and investors.
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    • Software protection
      Hi! Creafree Standard protects any creation.  It protects software with very high efficiency. First, the Creabook associates the name you gave to the software you developed. Anyone using it should mention this name. Second, it allows you to prove that you are the authentic author. Third, you may claim the logical structure which you designed to make the software. Fourth, various implementations may be claimed as well. Like for any Creabook, you may obtain conformity, economy and originality labels.
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    • World creation Capitals
      Hi! Creafree is creation for everyone, everywhere and in every discipline. To write, label and promote each Creabook, advisers are needed in each creative sector. The major role of the World creation Capitals is to provide all the facilities needed by the creators of each discipline (arts, agriculture, medecine, music, financial services, software...). The facilities offered by World creation Capitals are:  
      • - world conservatory for creations
      • - training and research center
      • - originality grand jury
      • - best practice observatory
      • - creation world awards
      • - creations universal exposition
      • - world creations market
      • - superior arbitration chamber
      • - academia of ethical progress.
      The present forum debates on how and where to install a sectorial world creation capital.
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    • 2 years, 7 months ago