Why Creafree?

Progress: creation (Research & Development) cannot fully take place if investors do not get the just return on their investments.

Justice: each individual is entitled to receive the fruits of his labor as well as to harvest the bounty of his creative works.

Climate change: our society needs disruptive creations that will change the existing polluting production model.

Stealing: because creative ideas are not well protected, many big companies have collapsed and most products and services delivered on the market are of unknown origin.

Responsibility: creators guarantee the quality of the authentic products and services which are delivered on the market.

How is Creafree working?

What is a Creabook? A Creabook is a book in which the creator describes and claims his creation.

What is a Label? A label is affixed on a Creabook which conformity, economy and/or originality has been examined by third parties experts accredited by the World creators Society.

What is a creation? A creation is an original idea expressed out of nothingness by a human being.

What is Creafree?

What is Creafree? Creafree is a standard that implements Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which recognizes the moral and material rights of the authors on their scientific, literary and artistic production.

How does it operate? The Creafree system is operated by the World creators Society; an NGO which represents the creators.

What is its major output?  The Creafree system produces a superior property title labeled by the best world experts.