Call to France

A heavy silence has weighed on culture and author’s right during the campaign for the presidential elections of 2017. Many intellectuals were astonished because of the ongoing digital revolution.

In this rapidly changing world that often carries with it the certainties of the past, a President may not deny the common heritage of the cultural policy that we all share. It has its roots in Beaumarchais, who made author‘s right emerge to protect the creators from the control of the powerful and guaranteed freedom of creation to all forms of expression.”

The ongoing battle of author’s right is to “defend and promote cultural diversity”.

Without its authors and artists, without their works, without their language, France would not exist as it does. We have a conviction: our cultural policy, however effective and indispensable, has never been threatened by so many challenges”.

The signatories denounce “the weaknesses of public action”: “Will we continue to endure these threats and this permanent questioning of author’s right, or rather the authors’ right, and the financing of creation, vilified in the morning, noon and evening? Nevertheless, there is no inevitability that author’s right and digital cannot be reconciled”.

Among the 180 signatories

Radu Mihaileanu, Gérard Mordillat, Laura Pelerins, Blandine Pélissier, Sandrine Ray, Jean-Philippe Robin, Brigitte Rouan, Christian Rouaud, Agnès de Sacy, Guy Seligmann, Jean-Pierre Siméon, Bertrand Tavernier, Eric Toledano, Philippe Touzet, Eliane Vigneron, Aurelie Youlia.