Protect is a key feature of Creafree which allows a Creator to protect actively his material and moral right on his creation.

The author of the Creabook owns his book and benefits of a presumption of property on the creation it describes and claim. If some Creafree users contest this presumption, he may defend his right via amicable and cost effective procedure organized to solve disputes.

The Creator may require Creafree to appoint a top world expert jury in order to examine and label the originality of the creation. Once this label is granted, the Creator may become member of the World creators’ Society and benefit of the attached mutual clause to defend his material and moral rights.

During the life of the creation, the Creator is supported by a network of high level counselor to conclude contract according to best international practice. By notary act, the Creator may define a will in order to determine how his creation will be shared and administrated after his death.